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What drives the process for when to replace UPS batteries?

Posted by on Jan 15, 2014 in Up For Discussion | 5 comments

I want there to be a place where we can share our processes and learn from each other.  This is the first of (hopefully) many discussions exploring a topic of interest. Please share your experiences and best practices with everyone in the comments section below! I have seen organizations change UPS batteries based upon several different factors. In my experience, some replace batteries on a set schedule, some upon a qualifying condition. Since batteries represent a significant investment, I think it’s reasonable to assume that we are all following some process for making this costly decision. What criteria or process do you use to determine when to replace all the batteries in a string/UPS, and why? (Editor’s Note: Comments will be moderated and posted as quickly as...

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The most missed component in training — understanding

Posted by on Jan 2, 2014 in Training | 0 comments

Most training programs teach the basic knowledge required to do the job. Students are basically put in a classroom where someone pontificates on the benefits of whatever piece of equipment is being reviewed, the design of the system and what it does, and the basics of how to start it up, shut it down, and make operational adjustments. A good training program provides time to learn the skills to do the job. Students are required to work in a lab-type environment or given on-the-job training. They get to work with and actually operate the system or use a simulator. They are taught procedure, encouraged to ask questions and, more importantly, given time to practice and perfect new skills. A great training program goes to an entirely different level, giving students an opportunity to understand why things operate the way they do. The instruction incorporates an understanding of the design, including the physics or chemistry of the process. Students are taught what makes the equipment or system effective and efficient, how it is affected by changes in the environment, and the concepts behind the operational parameters that affect safety....

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