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Mission critical training: Are you certified or qualified?

Posted by on Sep 4, 2014 in Training | 1 comment

How do you certify or qualify someone to work in your data center? Do you administer classes, give them a written examination, question them in front of a panel of experts, or review their experience and call it good? I see it on resumes and applications, “qualified data center technician” or “certified data center technician or engineer.”  And when I see that, I always ask, “How did you get qualified? Who certified you?” A combination of experience over the years and a certificate given by the employer (who in reality doesn’t have an accredited program) is usually offered as the answer. I see a definite need for legitimate certification and qualification processes; but before I go further, let me explain how I use the terms “certification” and “qualification.” Certification: A process through which a person’s level of knowledge and skill at a certain level has been validated through accepted, repeatable examination and testing. Qualification: A process through which a person demonstrates repeatable success in the operation and response to a facility’s equipment and systems....

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