How detailed should your procedures be?

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One of the more frequent discussions I have with clients is about the level of detail in their procedures. Some procedures do not supply enough information to complete the task while others are so detailed that they are difficult to use. Many times we do an analysis of the technician’s or user’s level of training and base the level of detail on that. Here are four examples of what I mean:

    • Lowest level:  Inspect the compressor.
    • Low level:  Inspect contact points on the compressor.
    • Mid-level:  Inspect contact points on compressor #2 contactor. Document the results.
    • High level:  Inspect contact points on compressor #2 contactor. Remove the contactor cover and visually inspect the points for arcing, pitting and alignment. Replace, if necessary. Document any findings on the data sheet.

Please share your experiences and best practices with everyone in the comments section below:
At what level of detail do you write your procedures, and why? Are there better ways to determine the best level of detail?

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